What does music mean to me?

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Music is defined as an art form and an activity whose medium is sound organized in time. Music is drived from the Greek word, mousike “art of the muses.”

Music has evolved throughout history that every culture or nation on Earth has defined themselves by, it sets the stage for events such as sports, or programs.

Music in itself sets the tone for how we view and interpret movies, we use it to enhance the emotion we feel or want to feel. For a musician, music is more than just sound or a song you hear, it becomes something you create and give life to.


Music comes from within to dance on the sound waves of the notes you play, or to hypnotize through the vocals you sing, music is life.

I love all kinds of music, from drumming that mimics the heartbeat of a living being, to the fuzz of a bassline in a punk song, or even the vibration of a string on a cello, slicing through the air.

Music has power, it can be the spark to a revolution, it can also teach by embracing you to do and feel certain things.

Music affects different parts of the brain to memory, reading, movement, listening so basically it turns your brain fully on.

The genre of music we listen to also corresponds to our personality. According to a study conducted at Herio-Watt University I like Rap, Classical and Metal so I have a high self-esteem, am creative, introvert and at ease.

Rap includes that I’m also outgoing, and my metal fetish says that I have a low self-esteem and am not outgoing.

So I don’t know if that cancels each other out or if it actually balances me.

A study also done says that learning a musical instrument is not only beneficial for kids but anyone who learns to play an instrument for three years or more develops a better auditory ability and fine motor skills.

So basically music is good for you if you use it in the right way to benefit yourself, I guess it could also be used in a negative way too, as with most things in life.

I like music and want to do more with it in my life at the moment, I recently broke up with my old band and am putting a new one together.

A few friends from different broken up bands and were going to combine into a musical being of our own like the Megazord of the power rangers.

I try to listen to different kinds of music as it helps your mind move onto different things in your life.

I do find myself going back and listening to stuff I’ve always listened to, maybe it’s the comfort producing part of my brain, telling me to chill and enjoy life, so I will.


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Todd is a second year Digital Communications and Media student at Lethbridge College with a focus in Digital Journalism. He was previously employed in the construction industry running a hydro-vac truck. He plays bass and guitar player for local band Stargazer and is looking to make a documentary on the Blood Reserve.