What is respect?


Respect is defined as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”

Being respectful is allowing someone else to speak and get their point across before you rudely shut them down, or cut them off.

Why do we live in a world where things that are our own are far more important than that of others?

We are a society that listens to respond, not listen to learn.

Besides communication is key for anything in life.

But we’ve lost communication as a society, we don’t care if we cut people off mid-sentence, nor do we care if someone has a valid opinion.


If it’s not our own, who cares.

That’s how the world turns. We don’t pick up the phone and talk to people. We text them, we message on Facebook… We tweet in hopes that they see.

That’s where the world is going.

Instead of trying to actually meet up with someone face to face, we’ll FaceTime them, Skype them.

We lose human contact.

And I personally think that it comes back down to having respect for one another.

If we don’t care or respect for each other, why would we care what they have to say?

I hate picking up the phone some days too, but we’re losing our language by texting and ignoring what those have to say.

You can’t always get the point across through text. Sometimes sarcasm doesn’t come through, or what you say could get misinterpreted.

That’s another way that we don’t respect people. We don’t respect people enough to talk to them face to face if we have a problem.

I know I’m personally bad for this sometimes as well, but I’ll still talk to someone if there’s an issue that I’m having.

It may not be immediately, but I will talk to the person. No matter how much it hurts.

I just don’t know why we can’t respect people as much as we used to.

There never used to be anyone talking back to their grandparents.

Or sassing their teachers… Which I’m bad for.

Kids don’t grow up with the same respect… and it can only get worse.




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