What’s your beef?

This week my beef is a little more serious.

I have a beef with people who think they are entitled to end strangers’ lives.

Last Sunday, Stephen Paddock ended the lives of 58 people and forever changed countless more. No one will ever know what truly drove Paddock to do this senseless act.

I’ve never understood how one person could think opening fire on hundreds of innocent people is an OK thing to do.

But the most frustrating thing about this is the fact that it was so easy for Paddock. There were never any questions asked about why he was in possession of 47 guns, or why he had all of them in a hotel room high above the Las Vegas strip.

It is far too easy for people to carry out these terrible acts without being questioned at all.

There needs to be a point when someone thinks, “Hey, why does this guy have 47 guns with him?”

It’s time for people to stop and think about ways to prevent these types of acts from happening as often as they do. Gun laws do need to change.

I don’t care if the Second Amendment states that you have the right to bear arms. Can’t people see having that right is far more dangerous than good?

But I also want to bring your attention to the people who were seen carrying the injured and helping the wounded.

These are the people that prove there is still a little hope in the world, as long as America get its head screwed on straight and makes some changes for the betterment of the people.

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