What’s your beef: Hold off on Christmas

David Selles

This week my beef lies with the people who gloss over Remembrance Day because it’s not important enough for them.

There are a couple of different types of people that share my thoughts.

One example is how people don’t show up to any Remembrance Day ceremonies put on by various cities and towns across the country. The attendance at these ceremonies has never been very high and to me that needs to change. One of the main excuses I hear is that people are too busy to go to a ceremony.

The things about saying that is if these veterans and fallen soldiers didn’t fight for your freedom, you might not have the opportunity to be busy on Remembrance day.

The other people that irk me are the ones who put up all of their Christmas decorations before Remembrance Day. There are many people who have their Christmas lights lit up at night and trees are starting to pop up around the city and have been since the start of the month.

One of the main arguments that people come at me with when I voice my displeasure is that these people fought to give us the freedom to do what we want. But that argument doesn’t really work for me.

Their argument about fighting for our freedom is the exact reason why we should wait until after Nov. 11 to put up our Christmas decorations.

But yet again, people might not have the opportunity to put up their decorations if it weren’t for the soldiers who fought for our freedom.

Holding off on decorations and that little errand that you have is a way to show our appreciation and thankfulness to the veterans and the families of the people who lost their lives fighting for this freedom.

In my eyes, when people rush to put up Christmas lights and decorations in their home, or are too busy to go to a ceremony, they overshadow all the veterans that fought for us.

It’s time that communities come together to remember how they got the freedom they enjoy.

Let’s start that this year Lethbridge and come out to one of the ceremonies around the city.

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