Bratwurst and Brews

Bailey Parker serves traditional German beer at Oktoberfest on Friday, Sept 8.

Bailey Parker serves traditional German beer at Oktoberfest on Friday, Sept. 8.

A tradition coming up on 206 years in Munich and three years in Lethbridge, Oktoberfest has expanded this year to Galt Gardens.

Although they celebrate for 16 days in Munich, Lethbridge held its two-day celebration last weekend from Sept. 30 to Oct. 1.

Crowds gathered at the third annual Oktoberfest, where record numbers were anticipated.

During its first year, Oktoberfest was an experiment here in Lethbridge organizer, Roy Pogorzelski said.

It was held originally held in Festival Square where there was only a beer garden for 300 people.


Now, it has quadrupled in size.

Oktoberfest is breaking boundaries here in Lethbridge, as it made Galt Gardens a full beer garden for the first time.

The Pogorzelski Brothers are the ones who originally brought Oktoberfest to Lethbridge and they bring a different tradition to it each year.

“The first year that we did it, me and the mayor carried this wooden keg around this entire barricade and then he tapped it in the Telegraph Tap House,” said Roy Pogorzelski one of the two brothers responsible for bringing Oktoberfest to Lethbridge.

Months of preparation goes into making sure that everything runs smoothly for all those attending.

This year’s festivities took upwards of seven months to prepare and organize for. Organizers had to obtain sponsors, media, and work with bylaws.

Every year, the festivities get closer and closer to the type in Munich, where Oktoberfest originated.

The tents used this year, which protected patrons from the elements are very popular in Munich.

Of course, there is the fact that it is an open festival beer garden, where you can drink anywhere.

Rita Spence, a newcomer to the event expected tons of dancing and beer drinking at the event.

Although typically Oktoberfest is typically a weekend of beer drinking, this year was also family oriented, allowing families to be inside the venue until 8 p.m.

Carol-Anne Bedster and her husband went to Galt Gardens to meet up with some friends and enjoy the festivities.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the band, the live band.”

Whether it be beer drinking, dancing, or just taking in traditions, Lethbridge Oktoberfest is surely one to broaden your cultural experience.


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