Sorority branch seeks to be ratified

Brooke Cherwenuk plays Monopoly at the Delta Eta Iota games night at Lethbridge College in the Cullen Residence Hall on Sept. 25.

Lethbridge College’s own sorority branch is hoping to be ratified by February as an official club.

Delta Eta Iota is opening its doors to females across campus and offering shoulders of support for individuals in need.

Brooke Cherwenuk, a Delta Eta Iota alumnus, said that the sorority is filled with people she knew she could lean on.

“You’re always surrounded by people,” said Cherwenuk. “I know that had I not been able to go home for Easter or Thanksgiving, we would have a sister that would host those events.”

Cherwenuk added that she knew she had a family outside of her own.

“You just get to meet everyone – you find people that you never thought you would,” Cherwenuk said.

Delta Eta Iota focuses much of its energy on the academic and personal success of its members. The sorority also likes to give back to the community and has mandatory volunteer hours that must be upheld.

Amy Canning, a current member of the sorority, said the sorority wants to make sure their members become the best they can be.

“We really strive to make sure our girls turn out to be good people,” said Canning. “We want them to connect with people that actually care about what they want and what they’re doing.”

Canning and other sorority members recruited students during the Lethbridge College Student’s Association Club rush in centre core last week.

They promoted various rush events, including a Games Night that was held on Monday.

“We’re trying to bond with them as much as we can to show that we’re normal people. We’re not like the stereotypes that they think we are,” said Canning.

She continued by saying one of the things the group is battling is the stigma that follows the word ‘sorority.’

“People hear it [sorority] and immediately think that we don’t do homework and we’re constantly partying,” Canning said.

She went on to state that this wasn’t true.

“We have a mandatory GPA [Grade Point Average] we have to maintain or else we are under strict studying hours,” Canning said.

Delta Eta Iota needs 10 members by February to become a ratified club at the college.

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