What’s your beef? – Voter turnout

David Selles

There are many things we can be proud about in the country we call Canada.

We have grand mountain ranges, wide open prairies and great diversity among us. But the one thing I think we should be proudest of, is that we get to elect our leaders.

Having this opportunity is something many nations don’t have and it’s something many of us take for granted.

On Oct. 16, residents of Lethbridge had an opportunity to step up and vote for their local leaders. On Oct. 16, very few people did.

That’s why my beef lies with the community of Lethbridge.

We are given so much freedom as a province and as a country, but for some strange reason no one seems to use that freedom.

Out of 78,772 eligible voters, only 21,357 people stood up, took the time out of their day and voted.

That is a measly 27.11 per cent voter turnout.And that is pathetic.

For comparison, Calgary voter turnout was 58.1 per cent. Which if I’m being totally honest, still isn’t high enough.

Eligible voters need to realize this privilege is something that needs to be used.

Come on Lethbridge. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

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