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The Slice Return

A beloved music venue recently opened back up after a change in management. Cole Parkinson has more.


Communication crucial for ACAC championship

Communication is key. At least that’s what the Lethbridge College Kodiaks women’s basketball team says is part of the key to their success. That and staying grounded. The girls are currently undefeated and ranked first in the Southern Division of the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference. Coach Brad Karren says by telling the girls there are




Ending the mental health stigma

In this day and age, social movements can spark simply from the press of a button on a phone. We just finished up with Bell’s Let’s Talk day on Jan. 25, one of the biggest movements to come out of the last ten years. Not only has it raised almost 80 million dollars in the



Panda Magic

Back in 1988 Calgary was home to two giant pandas on loan from China as part of bringing in more attractions for the Olympics. It was a great year for the city and people in the community were able to view the pandas for almost 8 months. 30 years later the people of Calgary will



Winter’s seasoned drivers

Snow. It happens every year, around the same time in winter. We get a few inches here and there, and the occasional big dump of the white fluffy stuff. So why are we surprised by it since it’s something that happens every year? Growing up in a small town of rural B.C., snow has always


Plowing safer roads for Alberta

As nasty weather ripped through Southern Alberta this past week, crews have had to work hard clearing snow from the highways. Road closures shut down part of the British Columbia and Alberta border just earlier this week. Volker Stevin is responsible for the road work here, from plowing, grating and scraping the roads, the employees