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Waterton flexes mussels

Waterton Lakes National Park have banned motorized water vehicles like to try and combat an invasive mussel species. Parks Canada made the decision after large Aquatic Mussels larvae were found in the Tiber Reservoir in Montana last November. Once the species are found in an ecosystem they are almost impossible to get rid of and




Endeavour Column Heads

What does music mean to me?

Music is defined as an art form and an activity whose medium is sound organized in time. Music is drived from the Greek word, mousike “art of the muses.” Music has evolved throughout history that every culture or nation on Earth has defined themselves by, it sets the stage for events such as sports, or



Canada aiding the world

The Canadian government has announced the country will provide $119 million to countries in the midst of a food crisis. This includes $27 million to Nigeria, $21 million to Somalia, $37 million to South Sudan and $34 million to Yemen. These four countries have been identified as the most in need right now. Canada provided



That’s all folks

The school year is almost done and for some of us it is time to move onto the next step. Finally getting into our chosen careers and getting paid for it! Yes, there is a lot of excitement about getting a paycheque after spending years without a steady income. Even though we aren’t clearly out


Daughter of the Vote

A local young woman from the Blood Tribe recently travelled to Ottawa to sit in the House of Commons as an invited guest on behalf of an initiative called Daughters of the Vote. During the first week of March, Tiana Weasel Moccasin was chosen by an organization called Equal Voice which is focused on electing