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The Slice Return

A beloved music venue recently opened back up after a change in management. Cole Parkinson has more.


Jumping into the holiday break

Lethbridge College Kodiaks basketball teams are enjoying the fruits of their labour. Both teams have posted a solid first half of the season. The men are 5 and 2, while the women are unbeaten at 7 and 0. Steve Seto went courtside to find out how both teams feel going into the holiday break.  





Trudeau mourns Castro, Canada mourns Trudeau

Fidel Castro is dead and there’s been a myriad of reactions across the world. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has extended remarks about feeling “sorrow” over Castro’s death and how his father Pierre Trudeau was “proud to call him a friend” in his first appearance since his death. These comments have sent people into frenzies over



Sport bars vs nerd culture

Sports are something that is a part of everyday society. But why? Do sports actually add to society? I mean, it is a chance for people who enjoy watching their favourite team to talk with each other and bond. But what about those of us who don’t like athletics? We can’t use the line, “did you see that game last


Cavendish Farms Expansion

The City of Lethbridge, in partnership with the Province of Alberta, announced a $350 million expansion of its Cavendish Farms facility. The new private investment is the largest in the city’s history and will create ongoing economic benefits.

150 for 150 Volunteer Lethbridge event

  Volunteer Lethbridge has gotten a head start on celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. Along with help from students from Lethbridge College’s Digital Communications and Media program, the event helped kick off the 150 for 150 volunteer campaign.With Canada’s big 150th birthday coming up next year, Volunteer Canada is helping by promoting volunteerism. The 150 for


Rachael Harder, better, faster, stronger

Rachael Harder addresses the crowd in Coaldale on Nov. 25 right after the unveiling of the Canada 150 maple leaf for next year’s celebrations. It has been just over one year since the youngest Member of Parliament (MP) from the Lethbridge riding was elected. Rachael Harder, the 29-year-old of the Conservative Party won her first