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How students are gearing up for finals

April 12th marks the last day of classes and the beginning of final exam season at Lethbridge College. Students say that chances of final exam success can be improved by setting proper priorities and spacing out study time. One way that the college is combatting final exam stresses is through their doggy de-stress program which


Competitors race onto the course on Sat. 9 April.

Kodiak road race

Over 250 people dusted off their running shoes and stretched their legs last weekend to participate in Lethbridge’s longest running road race. The annual Kodiaks 10/4 race welcomed running enthusiasts and novices alike and Meagan Williams was there to catch all the action.



Movie Ratings

Alberta under rating?

By Tyler Willment R-rated films may be taking witty raunchy one liners and explosive violence too far and people allowed to view these films may be to young. “Not enough films are rated “R” in Alberta” said Joshua Mudryk, general manager of The Movie Mill. An example is the United States of America film rating



A friendly affair

Barack Obama welcomed Trudeau to the White House last week for the first official Canadian state visit in the past 20 years. Although it’s unfortunate that it took this long to reoccur, Trudeau was greeted with open arms. The events kicked off with a cocktail party Wednesday night in which various Canadian dignitaries and celebrities


School’s out forever?

With convocation just weeks away, many students will say goodbye to their post-secondary careers and hello to the real world. Some will move into the job market with glee, others will drag their feet unwillingly. Having had a career prior to making the move back to formal education, I can gladly say I am excited



Synthetic drug proves dangerous

There’s a dangerous drug on the streets. It’s legal and easy to obtain. Known as K2, Spice, and incense aromas- synthetic marijuana can be purchased at most paraphernalia shops in Canada. The substance is made up of chemicals designed to mimic the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. According